At Northlander, we proudly assert our position as the premier authority in premium yacht brokerage throughout the Adriatic. Our opulent fleet mirrors our commitment to quality, and our passionate team of maritime professionals, sharing the same fervor for yachting as our esteemed clients, defines the essence of who we are. As dedicated stewards of maritime dreams, we go beyond conventional brokerage, ensuring that client interests take precedence. Every facet of the sales or purchase process is meticulously handled by our team, assuring a seamless operation. Our unwavering commitment to satisfaction extends from yacht selection intricacies to personalized Adriatic itineraries. At Northlander, client contentment isn't just a goal; it's our guiding principle, transforming each sea adventure into an unparalleled celebration of personalized service, where every detail of the process is perfectly attended to.

Hailing from The Netherlands, a nation renowned for its rich maritime heritage, yacht building, and yachting traditions, our team at Northlander embodies a profound passion for boats. With a wealth of experience deeply rooted in the world of yachting, our team operates according to the high-quality Dutch standards that define our nation's maritime excellence.

The very term "yacht" finds its origin in The Netherlands, underscoring our country's historical influence on nautical pursuits. Our team not only carries this legacy forward but also leverages its extensive connections to the Netherlands. We are intricately linked with all the Dutch yards and experts, ensuring that our clients benefit from a network that spans the heart of global yacht craftsmanship. At Northlander, our commitment to excellence is a reflection of our Dutch roots, guiding our team as we navigate the seas with passion, experience, and an unwavering dedication to the highest standards in yachting.





Meet Onno, a seasoned yacht broker whose maritime journey began practically on the Dutch lakes, sailing dinghies since childhood. A law graduate from Leiden University, Onno's career trajectory took him across the globe, engaging in sales and marketing roles in various countries.

Fueled by a passion for boats, he transitioned to entrepreneurship, owning a successful marketing company before venturing into building exclusive dayboats. Post the sale of his company, Onno's expertise found a home with esteemed Dutch yards. His love for sailing extends to Mediterranean adventures with his family.

Onno's heart beats for boats and yachts, with his ultimate goal being to secure the best vessel for his clients. The thrill and satisfaction of matching clients with their perfect boats drive Onno, making each successful match a celebration of maritime excellence. In the hands of Onno, your yachting aspirations are not just met but exceeded with expertise, passion, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

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Meet Christian, a distinguished member of our yacht broker team, whose journey seamlessly blends business acumen, entrepreneurship, and a rich tapestry of experiences. Christian studied Business Administration at Rotterdam University and brings a unique perspective rooted in pragmality, finance and IT.

His diverse background extends beyond the business world — from navigating the skies as a former pilot to the thrill of racing as a professional driver. Despite these high-flying pursuits, Christian finds solace and joy in sailing, whether it's navigating the azure waters of the Mediterranean with family or cruising the tranquil canals and lakes of the Netherlands.

Aspiring to be the number one independent yacht broker in the Adriatic, Christian takes pride in ensuring operational excellence. His expertise lies not only in the business realm but also in the intricacies of yacht brokerage, making every client's experience under his guidance one of unparalleled precision and satisfaction. With Christian at the helm, your yachting aspirations are met with a commitment to excellence that defines his role and responsibility in our team.

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